Paris is known to be the most romantic City in the world. But Paris is also famous for its restaurants, museums …
If you are wondering what to do in Paris, please find below many activities and good spots in Paris.

Romantic things to do in Paris :

- Walk on the left bank of the Seine : From St Michel to Jardin des Plantes park. During the summer you can find there many free dance lessons( salsa, tango, foro ..)
Romantic walk Paris

- Fly boat cruise at the sun set : The sight from the Seine is very beautiful at the sunset. Parisian monuments (Notre Dame, Orsay Museum, Les Invalides…) seen from this side are wonderful.

Seine river cruise in Paris

- Have a dinner in Eiffel Tower restaurant : You can enjoy a delicious diner and a beautiful sight from the first floor of the tower. (Mo Bir Hakeim)

- Have a picnic on the Pont des Arts Brigde : It is THE « love Bridge ». Write your names on a padlock and leave it locked on the bridge

Romantic  pont des arts Paris

© Mary Milliken

- Have a walk in the « coulée verte » : have a walk on Arts overpass from boulevard de la Bastille to porte Dorée (Mo Bastille)

- Visit Montmartre Hill: This one of the most romantic neighborhood in Paris. You can visit the Abbesses quarter (quartier des Abesses) known to be a neighborhood of artists. You can enjoy one of Paris’ most spectacular panoramas from the Sacré Coeur Basilica.
(Mo Abesses, or Anvers)

Romantic Montmartre Paris

©Mary Milliken

If you are looking for a museum in Paris :

Starry Night – Orsay Museum- The Louvre Museum : The most famous museum in Paris (Maybe in the world). Very interesting for its Egyptian collection. The Louvre paintings (The Joconde (Mona Lisa), L’Ultima Cena of Leonardo da Vinci, « La Liberté Guidant le Peuple » of de Lacroix) are also very known.(Mo Louvre-Rivoli)
- Orsay Museum : A Wonderful museum housed in a very beautiful old train station building. Many movements are exposed Academism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Realism. Many artists (Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Renoir) are explained with an insteresting audio guide.(Mo Musée d’Orsay or Solférino)
- Musée Carnavalet : This a very typical museum about History of Paris from the Gallo-Roman town of Lutetia to today, including middle age and French revolution. You can also visit Crypt of Notre-Dame Cathedral and catacombs. ( Mo Chemin Vert or Saint Paul)
- Georges Pompidou Museum (or Beaubourg Museum) A Modern Art museum and famous library. (Mo Rambuteau or Halles)

you can see every museum in this  interactive map of paris

Other Romantic things to do in Paris (or in the Great Paris)

- Visit the Eiffel Tower of course
- Enjoy the panorama from the last floor of Montparnass Tower Parisian people say ironically it is the best panorama of Paris, because the only place in the town where you don’t see the tower
- Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral : (Mo Cité Or St-Michel)
- Get out at the Marais neighborhood : (Mo saint Paul)
- Visit the  Versailles Castle : (castle of the king Louis XIV) (Station Chateau de Versaille- RER )
- Visit the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte : (known to be the castle which inspired the Château de Versailles)
- Have a bike ride : Better with a mild weather
- Visit the covered passages built between the end of 18th century and around 1850 : For example the longest (190 m) passage is the « Choiseuil Passage ». The Entrances is 40, rue des Petits Champs Paris (Mo Pyramide)More info.

Of course there are many other fun things to do in Paris.






Last advice, before to take a decision have a look on the weather in Paris :
Weather in Paris

We hope , you have more tips about what to do in Paris.

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Thanks to Marry Milliken for some pictures of her Parisian Paradise